Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Too Many Books!

I have no less than 10 titles sitting at my bedside right now. All of them (except one) are library books. I read a chapter in one, put it down and then read a chapter in another and put it down. I am trying to find something that grabs my attention. Meanwhile, I also have required reading in the form of a book I need to read for a leadership retreat I am attending. The worst part is--the required reading is the book I dread the most.

Some of the topics on my bedside are about wine drinking, a memoir of a Pakistani boy growing up in the west, Antartica, a memoir about living in Rome, a memoir of entering cooking contests, a spiritual manifesto of sorts, and a book on how to read tarot cards. The winner for now seems to be the memoir about the Pakistani boy. Too bad the library makes me return all these in three weeks.

What is sitting at your beside?


Hootie said...

Just finished book 2 in the Twilight series, New Moon by Stephanie Meyers. I have requested from the library book 3, Eclipse. This series has sucked me in!

I am trying to stay connected with my daughter and her friends. I am trying to get into, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, by Ann Brashares until my request arrives.

I think I enjoy those light hearted romance novels the most! Although I still want to read that book on Obits that you mentioned previously.

Have fun over this next week! :)

sweetcakes said...

Renew, renew, renew -- up to three times, as long as there isn't a hold on your books....you can keep them 12 weeks!

I don't know how you can read so many at once. I'm a one book girl. I can only handle reading one at a time.

Speaking of books, Chris the bookmobile librarian called me tonight to tell they wouldn't be coming to my normal stop. He had already renewed all my books for another week and also offered to find books that would be helpful to Mac for his inquiry project. Now that's service! I love the bookmobile!!!!

K.T. said...

Right now, I'm juggling my books too. But I am reading Soldier's Heart, because of your review and a book by Sophie Kinsella that is funny. I also have about 5 books I got for Christmas that I am aching to start.

Steph said...

I have a confession...I've been sucked into the Twilight series. I read one on the way out to Vegas (Twilight)...and I LOVED it! I've got to finish out this series.

I know it's targeted at Tweens and I know it's a mushy romance thing and I know it's not "high" literature, but nonetheless I loved it!

The main male character is Edward...and I keep picturing Johnny Depp as Edward Scissor Hands. ;-)

Steph said...

ha - I should have read Lisa's comment first! :-)