Thursday, May 21, 2009

Local Author

My local paper wrote about Susan Brackney's first book The Lost Soul Companion more than 10 years ago. She produced this lovely little book to help her nurture her starving artist within. I bought it immediately, loved it, and was always impressed that she was able to publish her dream. As a wanna-be writer, I sank right in to the idea and the book because she made it look easy. Hey I can do that!

Perigee books just published this next book of Susan's: Plan Bee: Everything you Ever wanted to Know About the Hardest Working Creature on the Planet. Susan is a bee keeper when she is not writing, and she managed to put a series of thoughtful, whimsical, personal essays together about the life and science of the honeybee. This beautiful book is filled with drawings, quotes and references to bees in literature. She even tells the reader the secret behind making a bee beard!

So if you are a locavore as I am, and love to grow buy and eat locally produced food, you should also give a little attention to your locally inspired writers. Who are the writer's that live in your community?

And for anyone blogging about color--This lovely little book is yellow!


Hootie said...

As I LOVE your recommendations, I'll have to pick this read up too! :)

Talk to you soon -

Steph said...

Oh, you are so clever - I love the color tie-in! And I'm looking forward to reading both.

zenabu said...

Saw your comment on, too! I put this book on hold as soon as I read your review. I think T will be interested to read it when he moves here.