Sunday, June 6, 2010

For the adoptive mother in your life

My recent adoption has brought several very good books on the adoption journey for children my way.  Since I have been traveling and have had a hard time getting any serious reading done, I thought I would share a few titles.

The first, The White Swan Express, is specifically directed at the crowd headed to the White Swan Hotel in Guangzhou, China to meet and adopt a Chinese daughter.  This was an especially beautiful story for me.  I loved that they portrayed the experience of a diverse group of families and the special day they had when they met their new daughters.

I Love you Like Crazy Cakes is a single mother's journey to adopt a baby girl from China and is also very appropriate for people on the Chinese adoption path.  The pictures are gorgeous and it also an apt way to explain a Chinese adoption to a little girl.

Motherbridge of Love explains to girls or boys (note: the illustrations are all of girls but the text can be for either gender) the importance of both their mothers:  their birth mother and their adoptive mother.   Although the woman who published the book, did so specifically with Chinese and Western mothers in mind, it is really appropriate for any adoptee and their adoptive mother.  The poem was sent anonymously to the not-for-profit organization Motherbridge of Love which exists to promote Chinese culture between the West and China and specifically to educate adopted Chinese girls on the place of their heritage.  It seems to me a very good way to explain my child's birth mother to her when she begins asking those questions. It is a lovely lovely book. Be. sure to check out the website too.  Its based out of the UK but is helpful for ideas and contacts.

Any other adoption children's books to recommend?  I would love to hear about them


Sylvia said...

Hey Amy, I got that last one, motherbridge of love, a few years back, when my heart was really set on adopting - but found a family to give it too soon after, who had adopted a child from within the UK...

Steph said...

Hi, Amy! These are great recommendations. Thank you! I know someone that I want to share this with.

Katie said...

Over the Moon: An Adoption Tale is one Danielle and I happened upon at the library that we both love!