Tuesday, July 13, 2010

For all you e book readers out there

We have an on-going debate in our household over portable e-reading devices.  I say bad.  Husband says, good for the environment.  (He has managed to loose two of them on airplanes at this point.)

I stumbled across this fabulous series of youtube films pitting one of those devices against the book in a series of 10 films.  Guess what?  The book wins every time.

This is my favorite of the 10 films.  Go to youtube to enjoy the other nine.


Anonymous said...

wonderful! we're launching a big ipad initiative at work, so i spend a lot of time reading articles about books vs. e-reader. this is going in my collection :)

sweetcakes said...

This is funny and I can totally relate! I feel like I can't talk to passengers about books anymore because I can't tell what they're reading when it's on a kindle.

Not only that, but e-readers have to turn their e-books off for takeoff and landing because it qualifies as an "electronic device." However, If you're reading a book you can keep on reading during the critical phases of flight.

And shame on Geoff for not checking with his airline to recover his lost Kindles! Contrary to popular belief, we turn all important "left behind" articles into ground ops who then turn them into baggage claim so the passenger can get them back! His Kindles are probably sitting unclaimed in a baggage claim office in Denver airport!

Katie Cimino Zeliasz said...

LOVE it! Hillarious! I'm on the book side of the debate - more fun to share those "read a million times" books with your friends, and you'll never find a kindle on BookCrossing!