Tuesday, January 25, 2011

When Katie Wakes by Connie May Fowler

This book (a memoir) was a Christmas gift from my in-laws who saw Connie May Fowler speak and stopped to get a signed copy for me.  The lovely autograph and well wishes make the book all the more special.   I began reading it right away and was immediately drawn in.  Fowler is a superb writer and has a knack for  creating suspense.  I especially loved how she used present tense and second person to create this voice that put me right in the middle of every scene.

Since the book is a memoir and by the pictures on the cover we know that the writer is fine and happy, we guess that this memoir, as terrible and grim as it gets must have a happy ending.  The suspense becomes how will she finally develop some self esteem and extricate herself from this horrible abusive relationship? How will she transform herself into the writer that she is today?   I loved reading her story and understanding how it happened. She painted the picture so vividly and perfectly that I can hear the surf on the beach in Florida and smell the exhaust from the Audi as it drives away.  I cry over her inability to leave and get help and rejoice when she finally does.  Painful but uplifting. Certainly hard to read, but such a great voice and beautiful story that it was worth it.

Ms Fowler's book Before Women had Wings was chosen as an Oprah selection a few years ago and from the acknowledgements in Fowler's memoir it seems Oprah may have had some influence over her writing this memoir.  Oprah has a knack for spotting talent.  

I am going to find Before Women had Wings which I am pretty sure I own but never read before.  Watch for a review.

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This sounds like a powerful read!