Friday, May 20, 2011

On Finding Things

Did you ever find a note or a scrap of paper on the street or in a library book that made you go hmmm?  Over the years, whenever I would find something like this, I would pick it up and read it but almost always not know what to do with it.  Found objects like this were clearly portals into other people's stories, but it was hard to know where to put them or what meaning to make out of small snips of life.

I was overjoyed to find that someone else (many other people really) have the same fascination I do with found objects.  They have started a zine and a website called Found Magazine.  Found Magazine is free of advertising and is easy to find in Independent bookstores or art shops.  There are many editions featuring found notebooks, lists, recipes, photos, love notes, school reports, children's drawings, teacher evaluations, report cards, audio tapes, diaries, posters for lost dogs, dire warnings left on windshields.  Some funny, some sad, some bittersweet, some WTF!!

So check out the website and make a mental note that if you find something interesting with handwriting or photos or drawings you are encouraged to mail it in to the good people at Found magazine who may feature it as the find of the day.  If you are a story lover like I am these will all pique your curiosity.  I wish I had thought of this first!

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Steph said...

T bought an old set of round-the-world trip slides from the late 50s at a yard sale. We know nothing - not who they are, why they went, nada. Very fun to look at them and imagine!