Friday, September 9, 2011

The Woman in the Fifth by Douglas Kennedy

My mother recommended this one.  She said it was written in an unusual way.  Different.  Not exactly a thriller but just different.  Well, I am always looking for something different, was an odd read, mostly plot driven about a man named Harry Ricks who runs away to Paris to escape a sex scandal he gets tangled up with in the US.  The plot seemed driven only by dialogue.  Every scene was plodding dialogue.  It moved things a long but it felt painful and contrived.

Then, I got into it.  It was a thriller and a kind of a crime novel and I was clipping along wondering how our fearless hero would get out of this jam and reunite with his daughter when wham, the author pulled the rug right out from under me.  (spoiler!) I did not expect the twist into the supernatural at all.  I really hated it after that.  I kept thinking, how can he pull this off?  I kept waiting for it to be a joke or explained, but no.  It was just a weird kind of hell in which the main character found himself.

Anyway, like a thriller that's not really a thriller?  Try this book.  Or just wait for the movie which I understand is due out this fall.

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