Friday, January 20, 2012

Rumors of Water

A friend wrote to ask if I had heard of or read this book.  I had not, but I loved the title, and it was a slim little volume that I had to order from a small press.  It felt like an important book to purchase: reading someone who did not have the backing of the large chains, but could come up with a title like this.

Each very short chapter was stories about her daughters who she has home educated.  She writes metaphorically of their unconventional approach to education and a way to approach writing.  It was sweet and simple and easy to read in an evening. I especially like her stories about Grandma and the recorder. Reminds me of why I write.

You probably won't find it at B & N or the library. Shout out if you would like to borrow it.

Thanks for the recommend my friend.

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Steph said...

I enjoyed her suggestions of "...cultivate out of potlucks and basement-bargains" and the concept of finding a small audience. Thanks for reading this with me, it felt a little like being there with you!