Monday, January 5, 2015

2015 will be the year of the reader

I have fallen off of my reading this year--hence not so many (or really no entries at all) posts on books or reading.  There has been no slow down in my book buying and borrowing however, so I thought 2015 would be a good year for increasing my reading.

While I was perusing the usual end of the year lists and stories, I came across a great reading challenge.  It is a list of 52 categories of books and a challenge to read, on average, one a week. I like it because it seems to give me wide latitude to poke myself to read outside my comfort zone and yet--it seems pretty flexible--easy to plug whatever I am currently reading into one of the neat categories. I plan on jumping around.  The hardest will be a book of more than 500 pages, a book set in my hometown (Mentor, Ohio!) and the one by an author with my initials (any suggestions? I got nothing.)

The only problem I had with the list is the one that asks me to read a book by a female author. I think that seems a little patronizing, and there is no equivalent--read a book  by a male author on the list, so I have replaced it with: read a how-to-book. Either that or read a book by a trans-gender author. I know of at least one.  I'll decide as the reading list unfolds.

Here's an alternative list posted by a librarian friend which has similar categories but only 15 books.  I figure I can always drop down to 15 books if the reading proves to be too much.

I finished my first yesterday...will blog tomorrow and I have a new library book to start reading.

Happy Reading in 2015!

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