Wednesday, February 11, 2015

What I Gave to the Fire by Kim Evans

6.  A Book You Can Finish in a Day

My friend Kim Evans has been working on her memoir for 8 years now.  I know about it because we write together in a women's writing community, and although we do not compare notes regularly, we have been on a similar journey of miscarriage and pregnancy loss.

I was excited that she went forward with her decision to publish this memoir and looking forward to getting the chance to read it.  It feels thrilling to see a fellow writer's stories in print, a story that I know she worked long and hard on, and a story that I felt myself woven into.  Not directly, but we are the same age and our children are the same age.  I could see myself in many parts of the book.

In some ways it was a fast read because I had heard or read some of it in writing circles before and Kim's voice is familiar to me. Also, I really wanted to read it after all these years of knowing her and her journey. So I stayed up late last night and read her book after I got it from Amazon.  A great testament to writing and storytelling as a power to grant us peace and courage and healing.

Congratulations Kim!  This was a beautiful thing you gave to the world and to the fire.

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