Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Putting it Out There

I have been reading a lot lately about people who "put it out there". They wish for something or pray for something. They put out their wishes and wants and needs to the universe and wait for the response from God or the gods and it appears. I am not really sure how to put it out there. I guess I will blog about it.

I want to take a class on how to dance like they do in the musicals. I do not necessarily need to be on stage. I do not want to sing while I do it. I just want to move my body the way Meryl Streep does in Momma Mia. I want to do it to the beat of fun music and I want to do it with other people.

Years ago when I was a grad assistant at Collins, the students entered a dance competition called IU SING. The students choreographed two numbers. One was to Iko Iko and the other was to the Banana Boat song. (You know, Hey Mr. Talley Man talley me bananas). I joined them for rehearsals and performed at the competition and I enjoyed every minute of it.

So if I could design the class myself it would be someone who teaches us fun dances to fun familiar musical songs and we just dance them over and over until we get it right. Then we come back the next time and do it again. I've been searching different local organizations and cannot find much of a class that fits this description. Does anyone have any ideas?


Steph said...

I think dancing is a celebration at the soul level! Have you considered jazzercize? I've not done it, but I hear that it's "super duper"! I have a friend in CA who does it regularly. When she gets lost, she just does her own thing! :-)

Esmerelda said...

Actually I was thinking of Jazzercize. They are not close to my home or convenient but I might try ot squeeze in one or two.


SSS said...

Esme -- This is awesome! I hope you'll keep us posted on the dancing fun you discover/create.

BTW, I "tagged" you over at my blog. Click on over -- http://sssemester.blogspot.com -- and see what that means. (I didn't know until a friend tagged me...)

K.T. said...

I would love this!! You know me and musicals!!