Friday, August 1, 2008

Why I love the Library

I have made good use of my public library over these past few months.

When I hear about a good book on the radio or via a fellow reader, I go immediately to the on-line card catalog at the library. I find it and place a request. The library notifies me when it is ready and waiting at the circulation desk. I have a running list of about 10 books and every few days I get a note in my email in-box that the book I want is ready.

It has been a good habit to get into this summer. I have spent a lot less on books at Borders and enjoyed them just as much. The library has a more varied and older selection so when I started to feel the need to take a look at Wendell Berry stories and essays, I did not have to buy them all to figure out I only wanted one or two of them.

Viva the library!


Steph said...

I love, love the library and use it in a similar manner. It's a little burst of happiness each time I get a notice that a book is ready!

Anonymous said...

Using the library through the bookmobile is even better: no fines, the staff knows you and, let's be honest, caters to your needs, what more could you want?

MKP I have missed your blogging!

lisa said...

It's so nice to know there are other library nuts in the world too!

Lisa :)

sweetcakes said...

I love the library too, mostly taking advantage of the bookmobile. It's like having your own personal book assistant. It's also a big help to moms and kids when needing references for school projects!