Thursday, November 1, 2012

Gone GIrl by Gillian Flynn

Dear Readers,

So sorry I have been so absent from the book world.  My life has been a confluence of events--way to complicated to go into here that have precluded me from reading much more than the newspaper and cereal boxes.  But I have finished a thrilling, page turning, New York Times best selling book that I wanted to share with you.

You may have heard of Gone Girl. It is on every bookshelf and every list.  A missing woman, a suspicious husband, an elaborate plan.  It has many twists and turns and is the kind of book you can read in a day or if you need to put it down to eat, perhaps a weekend.

My only bit of criticism was that by the end--it did get a bit predictable.  Not totally predictable, but by the last hundred or so pages I could see where the author was going with it.  Disturbing book, great read, perfect for the airplane or beach.  Long wait list at the library--it should be out in paperback soon.

Happy Fall! Enjoy.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds great, when I get through the stack of MCPL books that all came through at once (of course) last week, I'll look for a copy. (I hardly think you need to apologize for a mere month away from bookblogging! Especially with all that is in your life) MKP