Friday, November 9, 2012

In honor of the recent events

Like many in this country, I have been mesmerized by the recently past election.  I discovered this book a few months ago and have been slowly working my way through it.  It is fascinating and I thought I'd share it for folks who want to know and understand more about the presidency.

The Presidents Club is the group of past presidents who endeavor to help and advise the sitting president.  No matter the party, these men have a singular view that is shared by a very very few other men.  They form a camaraderie simply to support, assist and advise each other.  Fun fact:  did you know that the only time in modern history that we have been without a president's club is under Richard Nixon?  Or that it was former presidents that counseled Al Gore to give up the fight again George Bush in 2000?  They told him that to continue the challenge was to challenge the legitimacy of the presidency. In retrospect this seems like wise advice.

So this is the book about how Bill Clinton traveled to North Korea to help get the release of two journalists or how Richard Nixon had to lay low when Reagan was elected, but secretly sent him a lot of letters of advice or how Herbert Hoover, much reviled, came out of retirement to make peace with Truman and help feed Europe in the aftermath of World War II.

This is a fascinating historical account of a little examined group of men.  Available at your local bookstore or library.

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Steph said...

Was unaware - sounds very interesting!