Monday, September 28, 2015

Leave the Dogs at Home by Claire S Arbogast

25. & 26.  A book set in a high school and a book in my hometown.

The summer has come and gone and as usual I lost a lot of my interest in reading as the sun shone brightly and beckoned me to other pursuits. I may not finish this challenge by years end but it has been interesting for me.

The book set in a high school is only mentioned as it is a manuscript that someone has trusted me to read before it was published.  I loved reading it, but am not at liberty to review it because it still belongs to the heart and mind of the writer, but I make note of its presence in my reading life. It is always a good and fine thing to put your stuff out there. Risky and human and beautiful.  I admire any writer who does that.

The book set in my hometown was  somewhat trickier for me to find and write about.  My true home town is a suburb east of Cleveland, Ohio.  A good place to grow up but not particularly noteworthy for literary achievements although the 20th president of the US is from there and I used to work as a tour guide at his house. This is probably the subject of another blog.

Instead, I choose my hometown to be the place I live now and have lived for 22 years: Bloomington, Indiana.  I have lived here longer than the place I grew up, so we are calling this my home town and here is a memoir by a fellow writer that was published in the thick of this fallow reading summer and has inspired me to be creative and live that life I want to live.  Ms Arbogast's memoir is set in my hometown and takes place in and around the IU campus where I work and where my husband and I have gotten 3 degrees between us.

Here is a story of a woman coming to terms with her husband and partner's death.  It is moving and poignant and filled with life. I am glad to know the writer and know the town it was set in.  The title is perfect.

So this entry is dedicated to the writers I know. The writer in me and the writer in you.  Go forth and create!

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